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Graham Spooner

Investment insight, 16 July

Written by: Graham Spooner on July 16th 2013

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Graham Spooner, Investment Adviser at The Share Centre, looks at last week’s top buys and this week’s top tips.

The Share Centre’s Customer top buys from the last 7 days

  • Tesco – A significant recent fall in the share price has attracted some buying interest.
  • Vodafone – Attractive yield, with the potential of some growth continues to support share price.
  • Avanti – Fall in share price after poor trading update leads to some bottom fishing by traders hoping for a short term bounce.
  • Lloyds – Growing confidence that the group offers some long term value
  • Glencore – Contrarian investors buy the stock after a 30% fall since late March

The Share Centre’s top tips for this week

1. Unilever (Lower risk) – Long term attractions remain for its brands especially in Emerging Markets.

2. James Fisher (Medium risk) – A niche support service provider to the marine and nuclear industry. Another company that is targeting growth in Emerging Markets, alongside its core North Sea operations.

3. Booker (Medium risk) – The highly regarded management have done a wonderful job in turning the business around. They now look to integrate and improve the Makro UK business that they acquired last year.

4. Smiths News (Medium risk) – A solid trading update last week has rubber stamped our view on the company. There is an attractive yield of around 5.6% and extensions to some of its distribution contracts add to the longer term visibility. Management are steadily building up other businesses to counter the slow decline for newspapers and magazines.

5. Amerisur Resources (Higher risk) – Oil exploration company with interests in Columbia and Paraguay. Its main operation is the Platanillo fields in Columbia, where production has recently started. There remain several other wells to be drilled in the near future. The company have been encouraged by initial tests, leading to hopes of more positive news this year.

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