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Graham Spooner

Investment Insight, 19 November

Written by: Graham Spooner on November 19th 2012

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Graham Spooner, Investment Adviser at The Share Centre, looks at last week’s top buys and this week’s top tips.


The Share Centre’s Customer top buys from the last 7 days

1. Vodafone – Attractive dividend yield and recent weakness in share price attracts investors

2. GlaxoSmithkline – recent weakness attracting retail investors

3. BP – News that the group has come to an agreement over the fine for past oil pollution in the US.

4. Lloyds – Signs that the worst may now be over for the company

5. Petrel Resources – Trading update on estimate of resources off Irish coast


The Share Centre’s top tips for this week

1. Compass Group (Lower risk) – Well managed food support service group. Longer term potential to return significant amounts of cash to shareholders should help underpin the share price.

2. Unilever (Lower risk) – The performance of the group has been improving helped by expansion into emerging markets. The company produces branded household goods, which include Lipton, Dove, Lux and Helmann’s. Analyst’s were again pleased by the latest trading update. A yield of over 3 pct and the stocks defensive qualities adds to the attraction

3. ITV (Medium risk) – The company’s long term recovery plan appears to working well. The group has cut its debts and is trying to move away from being dependent on advertising revenue. The production side of the business has been going from strength to strength on the back of blockbusters like Downton Abbey.

4. Prudential (Medium risk) – The company is well positioned to provide its products to the growing middle class in Asia. Along with operations in the UK and US.

5. Afren (High risk) – Oil exploration group with good track record of finding oil in Africa. They have also recently expanded into having exposure in Kurdistan, which is good for diversity but keeps the risk level high.


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