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Regular investing

Our Regular Investment Service is a great way to build up your investments quickly and easily. It has two main advantages: cheaper dealing charges and pound cost averaging. 

Cheaper investing charges

Dealing charge 0.5% (£1.00 minimum)

Regular investing dealing usually works out cheaper than normal dealing. You can invest from £10 up to £200 per month for just £1.00 dealing commission (plus Stamp Duty of 0.5%). For amounts above £200 per month the dealing commission is just 0.5%. Please be aware that for smaller amounts the charges involved can make regular investing inefficient.

Pound cost averaging

Regular investing gives you the ability to average out the buy price of investments. This is often referred to as Pound Cost Averaging and works best with investments that change value, such as shares or funds.

Learn more about pound cost averaging

Who picks the investments?

You pick the investments. Although please remember, purchase costs can make periodic small investments inefficient. If you would like some help with your investment strategy or choosing your investments, you can call our Advice team over the phone – at no extra cost!

What if you'd like someone else to pick the investments?

Depending on what type of investments you are looking for you can use your account to invest in any of the funds we make available, including those our three funds of funds.

How do you set up a regular investment?

Once you've opened an account with us our Regular Investment Service works in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 You complete the regular investing form and tell us where you want to invest, how much you want to invest and when.

Step 2 We'll collect money by direct debit from your bank, credit your account with The Share Centre and make your purchase as instructed.

Step 3 We send a contract note detailing your transaction including what you have bought, the quantity and cost. This excludes Unit Trusts and OEICS.

What if you'd like to change your instructions?

If you would like to change where your money is invested or change the amount, please call our Dealing team on 01296 41 42 43. All we need is just two business days' notice before your next investment is due.