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Paying into your account

You can pay into your account using the following methods:

Debit card 

Pay in online or call us on 01296 41 41 41 to provide your debit card details. The money will be allocated to your account as soon as it has been authorised by your bank.

Please note that we CANNOT accept:

  • Payments by credit card or postal orders.
  • Online debit card payments for investment clubs or Child Trust Funds.


Please make cheques payable to The Share Centre Limited quoting your customer reference number and account number on the reverse. When drawing a cheque from a building society account, please ask them to print your name on the reverse as confirmation the funds came from your account.

BACS & same day payments (CHAPS / Faster Payments)

A BACS payment takes three working days to be received while a CHAPS payment will usually clear on the same day, but your bank will charge you for this. To make a payment by BACS or CHAPS or Faster Payments, contact your bank and provide them with:

  • Your customer reference number
  • Your account number
  • Our bank account details, below

Please include your customer reference number and account number in the 'reference' field of your payment.

Bank Bank of Scotland
Branch Edinburgh
Account number 00100130
Sort code 12-21-37
Account name The Share Centre Limited Client Transfer A/C

Regular Investing

You can set up a direct debit to pay into your account. Simply complete and return a regular investing form.

When can I start dealing?

Debit card and cheque
As long as your bank authorise the payment, you can start dealing immediately. Up to £25,000 is available straightaway, with any money above this amount being made available once it has cleared, usually in two working days.

Same day payments (CHAPS & Faster Payments)
You can start dealing once the funds have cleared and been allocated to your account. 

You can start dealing once the funds have cleared and allocated to your account. This usually takes three working days.

Please note that if you pay in money using CHAPS, Faster payments or BACS, the money might not appear in your cash balance immediately, since it needs to be allocated to your account. There might also be a delay due to the way we receive money from some banks.