Managing your dividends - The Share Centre

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Managing your dividends is easy

We offer three easy ways for you to manage your dividends:

1. Retained

The value of your dividends is paid into your account and held as a cash balance.

2. Reinvested

If you're investing to build the value of your capital, you can choose to have dividends reinvested into the same company that paid the dividend.

If you select this option we will automatically invest your dividend into the investment it originated from as soon as possible after receipt. However, we will only reinvest if the value of your dividend is more than £10.00. Any residue amount not invested will not be carried forward and will remain as cash within your account.

We also operate a quarterly reinvestment option where your income received during the quarter is swept up and reinvested. For details of this service please call our Customer Service team on 01296 41 41 41.

3. Paid out

If you're investing to generate an income we can arrange for dividends to be paid into your bank or building society account each quarter. Quarterly dividend payouts are made on or around the 5th of January, April, July and October.

How do I choose my preferred option?

Simply indicate how you would like your dividends handled when you open your account. Once your account is open, you can change how your dividends are managed by calling our Customer Service team on 01296 41 41 41.