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DIY Junior ISA

A range of investment types to choose from

As well as shares, we offer a range of other investment types to choose from. Shares in UK and overseas companies, Unit Trusts, OEICs, Investment Trusts, Corporate Bonds, Gilts and Exchange Traded Products are all on the menu. However, please note that not all investments will be eligible for all account types.

Stocks & Shares (Equities)  

By investing in shares, you’ll directly own part of a company. Your returns are based on the performance of the individual company, as well as market conditions. read more

(OEICs & Unit Trusts)

A fund where your money is pooled with others and invested by a Fund Manager for you. It’s an easy way to diversify, spread risk and reduce costs. read more

Investment Trusts  

A company which is quoted on the London Stock Exchange and invests its shareholders' money in the shares of other companies. read more

Corporate Bonds  

Bonds represent a loan from you to companies or institutions. They provide an income with a fixed rate of interest. read more


Gilts represent a loan from you to the Government and provide an income with a fixed rate of interest. read more

Exchange Traded Products  

Listed and traded on a stock exchange similar to shares, ETP’s track the performance of indices, sectors or commodities. read more

Complex Investments  

Investments defined as complex based on FCA rules. Examples include: Warrants, Securitised Derivatives, Exchange Traded Commodities and Nil Paid Rights. read more

Finding the right investments for you

We've got a comprehensive range of investment tools to help you find investments which suit your preferences and goals:

  • Research the markets with the latest news, views, market reports and tips.
  • Drill down with detailed performance analysis.
  • Digest our experts’ detailed views on market sectors and every FTSE 100 company.
  • Use our picker tools to filter and quickly find the right investment for you.

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