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Frequent dealing option

Cut your costs if you deal more than £750 frequently or have a lump sum to invest.

For a quarterly fee, our Frequent dealing option gives you a fixed rate of dealing commission (rather than paying a percentage of each deal). To ensure it's the most cost-effective dealing option for you, use our handy cost calculator

Dealing commission £7.50 per deal (fixed)
Dealing option fee £20 +VAT per quarter
Account admin fees Dependent on account

Stamp duty and PTM levy are payable where appropriate.

Easy to set up

Once activated, frequent dealing option will apply to all accounts held under your customer reference number, excluding Child Trust Funds and certificate sales. Whether you're a new or existing customer, it's quick and easy to start benefitting:

Your first dealing option fee will be charged upon activation and quarterly thereafter. If you decide to cancel it, frequent dealing option will remain active until the end of the 3 months you have already paid for.

Get a further 30% off dealing commission

With our Online dealing discount, you can reduce your dealing costs even furtherBy simply holding 500 shares or more in our parent company, Share plc, you'll qualify for 30% off your dealing commission when trading online. When combined with our frequent dealing option, you'll only pay £5.25 per deal:

Dealing commission £5.25 per deal (fixed)
Dealing option fee £20 + VAT per quarter
Account admin fees Dependent on account

Stamp duty and PTM levy are payable where appropriate

As a customer of The Share Centre, you can purchase Share plc shares commission-free. For more information, please visit our Online dealing discount page.

Please note: Online dealing discount applies only to deals placed online or via our mobile dealing service. It does not apply to telephone deals, regular Investing or Automatic Dividend Reinvestment (both instant and quarterly).

Dealing discount

Dealing discount

Trade from £5.25 per deal when you hold 500 or more shares in Share plc.