Working for us

We strive to help people reach their full potential through constant development and by putting our core values at the heart of everything we do.

To have the best service in the industry, we need to have the best team to make it happen. That’s why, here at The Share Centre, we nurture a culture of creativity, honesty and opportunity.

Our core values

Our core values

Our values describe what we stand for as a business and underpin everything we do.


We communicate with customers and our people in an open, transparent way.

Long term stability

We protect the interests of our customers, staff and shareholders.


We strive to grow and improve our business by encouraging bold thinking.

Empowerment & responsibility

We empower individuals to take ownership of actions through tools & knowledge.

green traditional weighing scales in a circle

Respect for others

We treat our colleagues and customers how we want to be treated ourselves.

Our Tribes

In 2019 we introduced ‘Tribes’ to help develop an even friendlier and more sociable workplace. Everyone is a member of one of four Tribes: Hawks, Doves, Bulls, Bears. When you join the team, you’re placed in a Tribe that acts as an instant social network of staff from different levels across the business. Not only do the Tribes have their own events, such as pizza lunches and wine raffles, but each quarter, a different Tribe organises an all-staff social event.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our staff bring with them a varied and valued range of experiences and the mix of skills, knowledge, talents and personalities help to make The Share Centre a great place to work where every individual is appreciated for their contribution.

What our staff say...

Alastair, Customer Service Associate

I think the company respects and promotes diversity by its core values. The respect culture in the office is second to none. For me everyone has a willingness to help others. I have had people go that extra mile to support me and making sure I am content within my role. Everyone is working together and pulling their weight to achieve not only personal or department goals, but the company’s goals too. There is a positive vibe toward One Team, with enthusiasm to succeed. 

Rachna, Senior Analyst Programmer

I was so amazed by the amount of work everyone does and how passionate everyone is that I transferred in all my investments. Productivity of every employee is captured every day and we all feel job satisfaction. We work diligently and still smile, laugh, share jokes and include everyone along the way. I've never felt out of place. The company is good example of culture and diversity in the workplace.

Brad, Customer Service Associate

I feel that the company respects and promotes diversity by embracing people to be who they are and celebrate them for it. With only being here for a short while I have already seen that there is no judgement from anyone within the company and there is a real “my door is always open” culture regardless of the content of the conversation, and I feel that having access to free mental health support only accentuates how diversity is promoted within the company.