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ISA allowance 2021/22: £20,000

Set by the government, your ISA allowance is the maximum amount you can pay into ISAs each tax year.

How to use your ISA allowance 2021/22

Unused ISA allowance doesn’t roll over to the next year, so use it or lose it! There are two approaches:

1. All in one

Invest (up to) your ISA limit 2021/22 in one type of ISA, for example one of our Stocks & Shares ISAs.

2. Mix it up

Split your 2021/22 ISA allowance across different types of ISA, however you choose. The maximum you can currently pay into a Lifetime ISA each year is £4,000.

Making the most of your ISA allowance 2021/22

  • Use your allowance at the start of the tax year (6 April).
  • Withdraw money, then replace it with our flexible ISAs (excl. Lifetime ISAs).
  • Ensure you pay in some money before the tax year end (5 April) — you can decide what to invest in later.
  • Your partner gets an ISA allowance too — encourage them to use it.

Junior ISA allowance 2021/22: £9,000

You can invest all of your child's 2021/22 ISA allowance in a Stocks & Shares Junior ISA with us (we don’t offer Cash Junior ISAs).

Want to invest more than your ISA allowance?

If you’ve used all your ISA allowance for the current tax year, simply open a Share Account. You’ll be able to invest as much as you like, however your returns may be subject to tax.

Additional permitted subscription

In the unfortunate event that your spouse or civil partner dies, you may be entitled to an additional permitted subscription. This means that, in addition to your ISA allowance, you will be able to invest the value of your deceased spouse’s ISAs tax-efficiently.