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Transferring to
The Share Centre

We are delighted that Invesco Perpetual has chosen to transfer their Investment Trust ISAs and Savings Schemes to us, and we look forward to welcoming you on board. Please find below all you need to know about transferring to us. For alternative options, please refer to your letter from Invesco Perpetual.

About us

For over 20 years, our reputation for plain speaking, fair value and quality advice has ensured our place as one of the UK’s leading retail stockbrokers, with more than 265,000 ISAs and Share Accounts. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we are a member of the London Stock Exchange and are proud to be regularly recognised by industry awards. Passionate about investment, our accounts and services are designed to make investing in the stock market easy, whether online or by phone.

Your account will transfer to us over the weekend of 14 - 17 April 2017

From Tuesday 18 April, you will be able to sign in and view your account online, or manage it over the phone. We’ll send you a welcome letter confirming all the details.

New charges

Admin fee: £4.00 + VAT per month

Share Account

Admin fee: £1.50 + VAT per month

Statements and contract notes by post: £1.00 + VAT per month
Dealing commission: 1% per deal (min £7.50)

Your account fees will be based on our share account or ISA tariff and will be collected on or around the 26th of each month. The first charge will be in April 2017.

If you deal regularly or have a lump sum to invest, you should consider switching to our frequent dealing option once your account is set up. For a quarterly fee of £20.00 + VAT, you’ll pay dealing commission fixed at £7.50 per deal.

Also, if you’d rather receive your statements and contract notes by email, rather than postal, this is free of charge.

Regular Account statements
We’ll send you a statement every six months in April and October.

Investment management
Please note that we will be taking over the administration of your account and the safe custody of your investments, however we will not be taking over the investment management of the investment trusts themselves. Invesco Asset Management Limited will continue to manage the companies' underlying investments.

Simply easier investing

Once your account has been transferred to us, you’ll get access to the host of benefits that we offer.

You'll have the freedom to buy and sell whatever investments you choose: stick to the Invesco Perpetual investments which are already in your account, or sell them and invest from the wide range we offer. You can also pay in and withdraw money. 

All the help and advice you need to choose the right investments for you, including:

Whether you choose to do it online or by phone, managing your account is easy:

  • Extensive research and dealing tools including limits and stop losses
  • Online payments and withdrawals (we’ll confirm the details in your welcome letter)
  • Regular investing service (which usually works out cheaper in terms of dealing commission)
  • Automatic dividend reinvestment and pay out

Do you use an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA)?

If you would like your IFA to have access to your account with us, you will need to write to us confirming their name and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) reference. Your IFA can also submit this request, provided you have signed and authorised it. They will be able to view your account, but not deal on your behalf.

If you change your mind after transferring to us

We’re confident that you’ll be delighted by the service you receive from us, however, if you wish to transfer to another broker, simply contact them and complete one of their transfer forms. Our standard transfer charge is £25.00 per account, however we will not charge you if we receive your request within six weeks of joining us.

Already got an account with The Share Centre?

Your customer reference number with us will not change. We’ll simply give you a new account number for the account being transferred from Invesco Perpetual. If you already have an account with us, you can arrange to consolidate them.

Contact us:

phone: 01296 41 46 70

We’re here from 08:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday (excl. bank holidays). 

About us

About us

Founded to enable more people to
enjoy straightforward investing.